My Husband Didn’t Want Me at His Father’s Funeral, When I Saw Who He Was With, I Understood Why

Marriages aren’t perfect, are they?

No matter how strong a marriage is, or how long it has endured, everyone has a separate world they live in. It’s fine to have a few secrets, but too many can cause trouble. Too many secrets can collapse a family like a house of cards. This is the story of me, a wife determined to find answers…

He keeps his secrets with a vengeance.

1. Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful day to drive fast.

As I sped down the coast on the hot, summer morning, I thought that. Tempest is a small, rich enclave in South Florida. In order to get there, you had to go through a lot of backwater towns – ones that had lots of signs that read “THE END IS NEAR”, if you get what I mean – but I didn’t care.

It would be hell for me to get to Tempest so I could fulfill my mission.

2. I’ll Be There

McGrady Funeral Home, One Eleven South Street, Tempest, Florida. 12 p.m. June 14th. Everyone who knew or loved Robert Sheldon is welcome.”

When I saw that, I laughed. It was just like my secretive ex’s family to add the “or.”

My head was filled with that phrase on the funeral invitation. The date, the time, the place: exactly what I needed.

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3. Bribery

If this setup worked, my ex-husband’s sister, who had received $250, would have been grateful. When I received the funeral invitation, only a few people had seen it, I thanked her for her efforts.

Despite my best efforts, I wouldn’t be above bribery in this case, saying, “I’ll be there.”.

She grinned after a moment, seemingly contemplating the cardinal sin of selling out her brother. I hadn’t really trusted Sharon (for obvious reasons), but she’d come in handy this time, and without much convincing.

4. Duck And Dodge

My ex-husband had been ducking me for months, refusing to respond to my attorney’s requests, so I decided to confront him. If you think I was stalking him, you’re wrong. I am not a crazy ex-wife.

Despite his father being some sort of rich military tycoon, he chose to live in South Florida, without a lawyer. He could have been living on a beach somewhere in Cabo, but he chose to live in a low-income neighborhood in Miami.

My hope was that he wouldn’t be able to duck and dodge this divorce any longer if I personally served papers to him.