The 45 Moments That Photography Can Capture Forever

When plans go awry

Winning or losing is only one part of sport. Preparation and planning go into every major event, as any experienced athlete knows. Nevertheless, God laughs at man’s plans.Symbolic of this wisdom is the picture of Pole vaulter Kamila Przybyla. Clearly, a plan has failed as she expresses frustration in her facial expression. This photo stands out for its honesty in the moment. Our preparation and professionalism fail to remind us that we are only human. It teaches us to be humble and not to take mistakes for granted, no matter how well prepared we are

A duel of body language in sport

In order to mentally adjust yourself and possibly even your opponent before a game, athletes often perform ritualistic gestures or poses. This isn’t just as a matter of superstition.

A Duel Of Body Language In Sports

In the image, two female athletes are in focus mode, but their intensity is remarkably different. One athlete radiates clear concentration and is ready to take on any opponent. On the other hand, the other competitor seems absent of mind, as though she has lost her focus.

More than just sand and sun

Beach volleyball is often associated with leisure activities on the beach, but this photograph shows a completely different aspect. It is a testament to the commitment of physical exercise and the unpredictable nature of sport.

More Than Just Sand And Sun

The photo of Elsa Baquerizo, a professional beach volleyball player from Spain, quickly went viral on the internet. She lands awkwardly on her teammate’s butt.