The 45 Moments That Photography Can Capture Forever

Caution, danger of deception

Pole vaulting is more than just acrobatic jumping into the air. A pole vaulter’s picture from Australia seems to tell a strange story. It requires not only great physical effort, but also cognitive skills, spatial orientation and precision timing from the athletes.

Caution, risk of deception

From the outside, it appears that she was unable to resist a yawn during her athletic flight of fancy. Even seasoned sports photographers are impressed by this picture.

The multidimensionality of a woman: Allison Stokke Fowler as an athlete and model

Among the most prestigious models in the United States, Allison Stokke Fowler illustrates the duality of this discipline: she is both a powerful athlete and a highly regarded model.

As a model and athlete, Allison Stokke Fowler embodies the multidimensionality of womanhood

A lawyer by profession, Allison has established herself not only as a sport star, but also as a fitness model for Nike. Her power has been so strong as to require her father, a lawyer, to intervene when online stalkers attempt to take advantage of her.

Clocked Chaos

This picture is an example of the exact opposite of what cheerleading is supposed to be. It is often associated with joy and enthusiasm, but it requires the greatest precision and coordination from all athletes involved.

Clocked chaos

The faces of the cheerleaders are filled with confusion and disappointment, and the cheerleaders’ arrangement looks like choreography. The picture is mesmerizing and captures a moment that surprised both audience and athletes alike.