A little girl approaches the garbage man she loves with awe

A neighborhood garbage man, Delvar Dopson, was well known by everyone in the area. However, few people knew that Brooklyn Andracke, a three-year-old, was his biggest fan.

A neighbor knew she had to capture Dopson’s meeting with the little girl on camera when he hopped out of his truck. Little did she know what was going on.

Everyone Knew Devlar Dopson

A neighborhood in Bloomington, Illinois, has known Delvar Dopson for years. His Thursday route brought him to a familiar neighborhood, where residents recognized his name.

Despite not knowing Dopson personally, Brooklyn Andracke looked forward to seeing the sanitation worker each week.

Brooklyn Was A Huge Fan

Whenever he drove past Brooklyn’s house on Thursday, Dopson would honk the truck’s horn and wave when he passed.

It is not clear why that particular family was so infatuated with the garbage man.

Each Thursday Was The Same

A few hours later, Brooklyn discovered that her favorite part of each Thursday morning was watching Dopson drive his big garbage truck down the street.

Brooklyn enjoyed watching him so much that she wanted to do something for him.