Some Of The Strangest And Most Mysterious Discoveries In Space

As technology and research have developed, they have developed methods and techniques that were once merely pipe dreams. Due to this, scientists have made some fantastical discoveries about off-world bodies in recent years. Nevertheless, they are as real as they can be — most of them at least.

You won’t be able to see these mysterious discoveries of outer space while traveling aboard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spacecraft, from the gaseous river of a frozen moon to black holes big enough to swallow small galaxies.

1. Planet Nine

Year Found: 2014

Who Found It: Dr. Scott Sheppard

Location: Outer Limits of the Solar System

If you remember when Pluto was still considered a planet, you wouldn’t think the idea of another planet somewhere out there is far-fetched. However, there is one crucial difference between Pluto and Planet Nine.

Although Pluto is well-established, Planet Nine is less so, but some evidence suggests they share orbital properties with objects on the Milky Way’s outer limits. According to astronomer Dr. Scott Sheppard, this may be due to the existence of a planet that would take at least ten times longer to complete one solar orbit and that would be at least 10,000 years in diameter.