What Are Some Interesting Airports In The World?

The British government spent five years building an airport on a small island called St. Helena (the island where Napoleon was exiled), but no airlines were willing to fly there. The airport was later dubbed “the most useless airport in the world” by the media.

Building an airport here is indeed not an easy task because this small island is full of rugged mountains. The only town on the island is sandwiched between two mountains:

To build an airport on this island, the only option is to flatten a mountain:

Landing at the island’s airport is also a thrill. If a plane was unable to land here for any reason, the results would be catastrophic because the nearest airport is on another island 1,300 kilometers away.

Interesting things about St. Helena:

After discovering the island, the Portuguese kept its location a state secret for more than eighty years;

In 1869, after the opening of the Suez Canal, St. Helena’s economy collapsed;

In 1966, a wise man in the British Postal Department suggested that the British government change the material for binding letters from flax rope to rubber bands, and St. Helena’s economy collapsed again;