Meet the most elegant Chihuahua on Instagram

In our digital world, it seems like there’s a new net idol popping up every minute, doesn’t it? It’s a whirlwind of names and faces to remember. But, there’s this one little superstar that has really caught our eye and won our hearts – a pint-sized chihuahua all the way from Thailand named Nong Khae Calorie. This adorable little pup never fails to share the most delightful and charming snaps with her followers, creating a wonderful community full of love and admiration.

Calorie is a true fashionista

It’s pretty clear that Calorie’s eyebrows are the cherry on top of her cuteness sundae. They perfectly frame her expressive eyes and add that extra sprinkle of charm to her overall adorable look. Between her appearances at numerous festivals, her enchantingly cute photo shoots, and even some beauty pageants, this lovable pup has certainly stolen a whole lot of hearts!