Top 10 Hottest Female Weather Reporters in 2024

It looks like you’ve landed at the right place in your search for the world’s most dazzling weather girls of 2024!

Let’s celebrate and admire these top 10 standout female weather reporters of 2024 together.

Without these stunning and radiant weather girls, forecasting the weather might seem a bit dull. The moment these captivating weather girls grace the TV screen for broadcasting, the temperature just soars, figuratively speaking! Let’s take a delightful look at these hot and beautiful female anchors from around the world. Feel free to share with us who your favorite weather girl is in the comment section. Enjoy!

10. Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft, a meteorology expert, is a respected figure in the weather reporting industry. Her charismatic screen presence has played a crucial role in boosting the ratings of CBS/KCAL channels. She is considered one of the most renowned and notable female weather forecast reporters in America.

Currently, she serves as the weekend chief night meteorology expert for the CBS2/KCAL 9 News channel. Fluent in English, Hebrew, Russian, and French, she is a versatile journalist, news editor, anchor, and director based in America.

At just 16, she made her entry into journalism as a host for a morning show before transitioning to meteorology. Her engaging presentation style has earned her numerous awards, including the Bob Jones Award in 2003, the Old Tom Morris Award, and the Golden Mike Award. Taft is also a member of the National Weather Association Seal of Approval.