Top 10 Most Amazing Sculptures from Around The World

You can often find monuments, sculptures, and statues in cities and towns worldwide. These public artworks usually honor fallen heroes, distinguished individuals, or significant historical events. Some, however, are pure art, reflecting the artist’s inspiration and message.

Among the many art pieces worldwide, some are particularly notable for their uniqueness and message. It’s challenging to select only 10, but we’ve compiled a list of our favorite unique sculptures from around the world.

See for yourself, and feel free to share your favorite statue or sculpture in the comments.

1. Dancing With Dandelion By Robin Wight, Uk

Robin Wright, a UK sculptor, makes sculptures of fairies holding dandelions as if they are wind-blown. They are made from stainless steel wire and appear to float in air or stick to trees. These sculptures are on display at Trentham Gardens. Interestingly, you can create one yourself as the artist sells DIY wire sculpting kits on his website.

2. Memorial to Nelson Mandela, South Africa

50 steel columns symbolize the 50 years since Nelson Mandela’s arrest and political persecution. His likeness is visible only from a specific angle in the sculpture. Despite this, the sculpture is quite impressive. It was created by Marco Cianfanelli, and is located in Howick, South Africa, where Mandela was detained.