20 Stunning Hairdos for Your Upcoming Formal Event

Easy and elegant, these styles can save you at home or the salon.

If you have a formal event to go to, deciding on your hairstyle can be tough after picking out your outfit and shoes. Luckily, we can help with a list of formal hairstyles. Save these ideas for your next event, or have a girls’ night to test them out.

If you need a picture for your hairstylist or are doing your own hair for a formal event, here are 20 simple and stylish hairstyles.

Messy Low Bun

This laid-back, low bun is loosely tied together, letting your hair form its own special shape. We’ve topped it off with a pearl clip for that extra sprinkle of sophistication.

Wrapped Curly Ponytail

This lovely ponytail style showcases gorgeous curls. It’s neatly finished off with a strand of hair wrapped around the ponytail to give it an extra touch of elegance.