Through Windows, People Saw 25 Mildly Interesting Things

It is great to have windows for many reasons. In addition to allowing us to get the light in, they also warm our homes. If your brother is gassy, you can open them just a bit to let fresh air in. Aside from providing us with a glimpse into life outside of an apartment, it teaches us a lesson we cannot help but admire.

But then you get lucky.

Some people have struck gold and snapped pictures of unique views through their windows and shared them with the world. And now you’re here, so scroll on and admire the view.

#1 Our Office Building Has A Peregrine Falcon Who Recently Took A Liking To Me And My Office Window

#2 Firefox Has Encountered A Windows Error

#3 Sleeping Squirrels In Their Nest On Someones Window Ledge

Despite this incarnation not highlighting a particular source of view admirers, you can certainly find dedicated views through the window.

In fact, one of the original views appreciation groups on Facebook has 2.1 million members, so yeah, it’s a big deal.