21 Hilarious Reactions to First Snow: Animal Edition

Is there something about this white goo that drives people insane? Unless they were living in a tropical area before moving to a more regular location, nobody can recall their first snowfall. A place where people aren’t frigid reptiles and where there is weather? In any case, snow is undoubtedly beautiful! Particularly that instant you open your curtains and realize there won’t be school today, grinning as much as you can.

However, you know who feels even more thrilled by the chilly temperature and the slow, falling crystals of water? Naturally, animals! They see it as white magic, I suppose, similar to black magic. You don’t think I’m real? I can prove it with photos!

You should be cautious and try not to cry.

Here’s why you should keep scrolling down the page:

Cozy creatures completely encased in snow! (Hey, I did try to make it function.)

1. Even huge cats love the white stuff.

2. Polar bears are basically Snow Bears, so yeah.

3. Corgis are adorable in any weather!

4. I won’t even pretend to understand cats.