25 Awesome VW Beetles That Will Make Your Summer

There’s no doubt that the original Volkswagen, known affectionately as the VW Beetle or VW Bug, is a design icon.

Designed by Ferdinand Porsche in the 1930s, the car went on to become one of the most popular ever, with more than 21 million Beetles made from 1945, when production began properly, to 2003 when the final one rolled off the assembly line.

To the surfers and hippies of the 60s the cars represented freedom, the outdoors and the chance to go wherever they wanted.

Originally hailed as an example of the “economic miracle” of Germany’s post-war recovery, these affordable, easy-to-repair cars quickly became symbolic for another group – the long-haired surfers and hippies of the 60s for whom they represented freedom, the outdoors and the chance to go wherever they wanted.

It’s no wonder then that people in general – and surfers especially – still love these cars today. And if you can get your hands on one of these, we can almost guarantee it’ll make your summer.

1.The Classic Beetle

An original VW Beetle in brilliant condition.

2.The Stretched Beetle

A limo-style variation in a fetching red

3.All Aboard The Beetle Train

One for a beachfront wedding party perhaps?

4.The Wrought Iron Beetle

Created by a company that’s more used to making gates and fences, this ornate bug has its bodywork replaced by wrought iron. Not practical when it’s wet perhaps, but it apparently still drives fine.

5.The Sleek And Sexy Beetle

Classic 50s styling. And that’s just the driver…