29 Hairstyles to Enhance Your Youthful Appeal

From chic bobs and curls to intricate braids and more – we have covered all the best styles.

As we get older, our hair changes too. You might see more hair falling out or your hair might get thin.

If you see changes in your hair, hairstylist Andrea Claire recommends seeing a doctor first to make sure it’s not a health problem. Then, find a hairstyle that suits your new hair texture.

Once you’ve done that, it’ll be easy to find hairstyles that make you look younger! In the meantime, we can give you some grooming tips and ideas. Keep reading to learn more.

Before You Get Started

  • Layered haircuts are a fantastic way to add some dimension to your face, they can help to hide signs of aging, give your thinning hair a volume boost, and add a sprinkle of youthful charm to your appearance.
  • Keep your trusty anti-frizz products close by. As hair ages, it can get a bit weak and start to frizz up quite quickly.
  • Show your hair some love with hair care products that contain anti-aging ingredients.
  • Embrace your grays. If you want to dye your hair in deeper colors, go for it, but there’s something incredibly bold and youthful about saying ‘this is me’ and rocking your natural color.
  • Try to avoid metal and plastic accessories as they might snag at your hair, causing breakages. Instead, why not go for fashion-forward accessories like silk bands, scarves, or scrunchies?

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s dive right into the 29 best hairstyles that women over 40 can try!

29 Stunning Hairstyles To Make You Look Youthful!

1. Textured Pixie

Sharon Lawrence has a textured pixie cut. The cut features textured waves at the crown and forehead, which can soften fine lines and make a thinning hairline appear thicker. The hairstyle is cut in layers, adding to its style. This is a good choice for those who prefer short, easy-to-maintain hairstyles.