Upon sharing the shocking texts she received from parents, a nanny went viral on TikTok, leaving millions of people stunned

Imagine being asked to babysit full-time, overnight, for less than a dollar an hour.

A nanny became famous on TikTok after posting surprising texts from parents. This left millions of people amazed.

Who is Sophia Pagliuca?

Sophia Pagliuca has been working as a nanny for over seven years in South Carolina.

So, as you can imagine, she’s encountered many different parents (aka employers) throughout her career. On TikTok, she shares nannying tips with 28,000 followers:

The Rude and Disrespectful Texts Received by a Nanny Shocked Millions

Recently, Sophia shared the shockingly rude and disrespectful texts she has received over the course of her career, which attracted more than 3 million people on the platform. Here’s what we found: